Thursday, April 28, 2011

A Lie Believed....

Ok, well, two steps forward, one step back. I promise at some point this blog will not longer be all depressing poetry about heartbreak and trampled on love, but for now, while I'm working through stuff, this is what I'm writing. The good news is that every piece I finish drains off a little of the hurt. But since I'm writing and posting for me, well, this is what gets put out there. :) I'm not sure about this piece, it feels a little overworked though there are some good lines in it. Rhyme and meter are so comfortable for me that sometimes doing unstructured pieces like this are quite a challenge and doesn't sit quite right. However, change is good and you gotta try, even if it isn't quite as strong as I would like. So, to pull out my soapbox for a sec, I am very very careful about using the L-word in a relationship. I don't say it lightly or without meaning it with my whole heart. I'm finding that other people use the word to lightly or perhaps don't know what love really is. It is also possible that some people just like being in love and so they fall in and out of it quickly. I'm not one of those people, I don't fall lightly (or practically ever) but when I do, I'm in it all the way. It means that I love honestly and completely, it also means i get hurt. Lucky for me it doesn't happen too often or I'd be a nutcase! :) And with that, some poetry finally!

A Lie Believed

How you lied with eyes
Gazing deep in mine;
Tender, steady,
Electric connection.
I swore it was there.

Depths down,
Clean joy.
The last eyes I saw
Shouted forever,
Though your voice
Cross phone lines,
Data stream deception,
Claims no more;
Cites too much static,
Dropped calls between hearts
No longer in service.

No peace,
No reconciliation 
'Tween remembered eyes
And distant voice.
Dual people, one body:
Optical illusion,
Oral denial.

How ever to trust
Your lover eyes
Or separate
Real from false?
When is a touch
For all the ages
Or merely glancing blow?

Why are your words
Careless, nothing,
Tissue paper 
Broken in the wind?

Who are you to play
At forever
Standing in the door;
Coming home,
Leaving town,
I always unsure.

Your truth was lie believed
And our loves from
Disparate bases.
You, moment by moment,
I committed to time.
Changeling vs hometown,
I was,
Doomed at first kiss.

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