Thursday, June 30, 2011


I know this blog was supposed to be all poetry, but it seems Ive just written another song. Whoops! :) Of course I'm pretty sure it is doomed to be just lyrics with no tune as I have not tune smithy learnings or the powerful songbird voice needed to make this into a proper song. Ah well, c'est la vie. This one is still a little more "work in progress" than I usually post but I need to get it up and away for a bit to see if it has legs. The song/piece came about from a random Facebook status update I posted that I couldn't get out of my head combined with a little science inspiration from the high resolution microscopy I do. (yeah, nerdy I know.) :) So there will probably be edits to this piece coming but for now here is (with working title) "Icarus":

I soared too high on waxen wings
Combed by honeyed words.
Lust’s supernova melted them
And I tumbled down to earth.
No broken bones but broken heart,
My soul so badly bruised.
Scattered feathers in the dark,
Shattered beyond use.

I’m not yet through the darkness
But the stars are shining bright,
And each day I survive without you
Adds a spot of light.
Time stacks it all together
Until a picture forms,
And what I thought was black night
Is revealed as pinking dawn.

I crawled out of the wreckage
Surprised my legs could stand.
And so I set to walking
Away from false made hands.
Naked in the moonlight,
Your lies all seared away.
I let the pain wash over me,
Turned east, new sun, new day.

I’m not yet through the darkness
But the stars are shining bright,
And each day I survive without you
Adds a spot of light.
Time stacks it all together
Until a picture forms,
And what I thought was black night
Is revealed as pinking dawn.

Build not wings with fantasies,
Speeches without the deeds.
Fly not on his promises,
Warnings I wouldn’t heed.
So close I flew and burned I did,
Scarred but I survive.
Never same, forever changed,
And running to new life.

I’m not yet through the darkness
But the stars are shining bright,
And each day I survive without you
Adds a spot of light.
Time stacks it all together
Until a picture forms,
And what I thought was black night
Is revealed as pinking dawn.

I am a creature of the earth,
I should not dare the sky.
Quick Lust may call me to the sun,
But Love grounds with stronger ties.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

A challenge

So I run and participate in a monthly creative challenge. This month's bonus challenge was to use a song for inspiration. I chose "Blinding" by Florence and the Machine and wrote a piece playing off one the lyrics in the song. This is perhaps not one of my better pieces as the emotion got pretty lost in the structure and the wordplay. It's a little too repetitive I think. But, it did loosen up the juices and get me cookin' on a piece that I'm really happy with (not finished yet, but posted soon). So sometimes things like this are good if only to prime the pump. :)

And so: "No More" (Formatted as a jpeg for posting on the challenge, I'm just too lazy today to change it at all.)

Friday, June 24, 2011

Fight face

I wrote a long rambley intro to the piece and then decided that everything I had to say just diminished it. And I'm really happy with it so here ya go with no explanation. :)



Darkened eyes.
Thunder hearts.
Steely fists tight.
Won't back down,
No retreat.
Ring the bell...


Spitting words,
Cobra quick,
Fury'd hands fly.
Raining pain,


Hardened breath,
Gasping deep.
Sweat obscures, blind,
Anger fuel
Burns wildfire,
Divorced from mind.


Glory high.
Body sings.
Harsh dance of blows.
Perhaps lovers?
Or once friends?
Now simply foes.


Gassed out.
Muscles scream,
Beg for an end.
Dig for depths,
Warrior strength,
No break nor bend.


Hot sweat,
Blood mixed tears
Water earth sweet.
Right or wrong,
No judgment,
Save Victor and defeat.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

A Father's Day poem

So this is a bit belated but is has been a weird couple of weeks. It's like 4am and I've had quite the night of writing. One piece finished, two more in progress, and one started! So much has happened and I haven't had time to write till now. :) But Father's Day weekend is always particularly difficult for me. I have two fathers, my biological father who I have a very rocky relationship with and my step dad, who i love so dearly. I do feel so lucky to have been given a second chance at having a father who is there for me always. I feel like i got to choose him as my father and he chose me as his daughter and that is the basis of the piece. Lots of structure here and uncomplicated wording. Just simple and true, just like him. So without any more ado, here is "Choice" (Update: Made some minor changes to the piece that I've noticed on rereading it a few times!)

I was child lost and angry.
You stepped into the hole,
Offered love where none had been
To fill an empty role.

Unconditional acceptance,
Pride in all I did,
Steady shoulder to cry on,
Protection when I hid.

Day by day, never absent,
Promises fulfilled.
In the crowd, when I shine,
Your smile is my thrill.

Phone calls just to check in,
Such care in your voice.
You are everything paternal,
The father of my choice.

You did not have to love me
My veins hold not your blood.
I was not your chore,
Yet you dared the flood.

I am not your nature
But your nurture I display,
And you forever change me
For the better every day.

I could not ask for more,
So our flag I proudly hoist.
Luckiest on earth,
I’m the child of your choice.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Dangerous Eyes

Ok, not going to lie. I love this piece. It made me super uncomfortable to write because it is dealing with some super uncomfortable feelings I've been having. But I knew there was some solidity about it and it had to be written. This is definitely a piece that is meant to be read aloud and should make the reader uneasy. It makes me uneasy to post it. But, long story short, I've been going out a lot and I'm not unattractive so guys hit on me. Part of me wants to go and be reckless and make some mistakes. To break a few hearts of my own. And a part of me is still so raw and unhealed that another man's touch just brings too much to the surface, things I've been shoving down and trying to eradicate. And part of me just isn't cruel and part of me is. Perhaps it is too soon for the dating game or perhaps pushing past these negative feelings and making some mistakes will lift some of the depression. Don't know. But the comment that inspired this piece was a guy saying to me, "Those eyes, those eyes are dangerous."

Dangerous Eyes

Dangerous eyes
Of heartbroken girl,
Blackened windows' pain.
You'll want slow smile to unfurl,
But she's reckless in her prey.

She'll draw you in with quiet gaze,
Sweet promise of dark sin,
Of sleepless nights' warm embrace,
Beading sweat skin 'gainst skin.

Take heed of her hesitation,
Words of warning offered true.
Don't tarry long or dare to hope.
She loves him still though bedding you.

Yet heroes' lust rakes verbal leaves,
Fallen piles set hot afire.
And you'll ignore flashing lights,
Jump ship toward siren desire.

Think you will escape, young sir?
Not lose nor grow attached?
Her throaty laugh won't haunt your ears?
Her scent won't call you back?

She may offer body bliss,
Heated play by night.
But sleep a bit and slipped away,
She's gone by morning light.

Flown away without a trace,
No notes, unanswered cell.
Her taste will linger in your lips
And you'll be left in hell.

Run! Flee those dangerous eyes
Of such a heartbroken girl.
Don't chance their cavernous depths
Or you may drown in tidal whirl.