Friday, April 27, 2012


Song lyrics today.  Not about anyone or anything in my reality but I came up with the phrase "Do I see..." and had to see where that phrase led.  Not sure it is workable into an actual song with music but I sort of love the idea inside the piece.   It could definitely use some refining if melody were applied.  Until then, enjoy!  


I've been up all night,
The radio blasting,
As I drive in desperate flight,
And the pain of a dawn,
Now that you're gone,
And Adele is coming on.

Do I see my own reflection in the mirror of her words?
Is that my heart she echos in the melody I heard?
How can these notes and lyrics speak the sorrow that I feel?
Play that song one more time.
Let the music dry my tears.

Another sleepless night,
There's a fire burning.
Tiger, tiger, oh so bright,
Like your eyes too hard.
So I place my wards
With the print of the Bard.

Do I see my own reflection in the mirror of his words?
Is that my heart he echoes in the rhythm of his verse?
Why do these rhymes and meter
Give me shelter in the storm?
Read it back one more time.
Let the poets keep me warm.

One more endless night,
Nothing to distract,
Just waiting for the light.
A rising sun,
As I count your sums,
And find they equal none.

Do I see my own reflection in the mirror of your words?
Is that my heart you echo in the ways you chose to hurt?
Why do I let your killing voice
Reside inside my head?
Say it to me one more time,
Until I can strike it dead.

And I've never lost a bit of sleep,
And I've never had one tear weep,
Since I climbed out of the deep
Pit you put me in.

And though I once let you attack,
And my city then you may have sacked,
I'll never ever let you back
To plunder me again.

I'm standing strong and...

I'm my own reflection in a mirror built of words.
No more echoes, my soul sings the rhythm, rhyme, and verse.
No more hiding in the pages
Of a stranger's stories.
I write on in inky line;
My pen flowing showing me.

Monday, April 23, 2012

An idea that I've been rolling around in my mind for a while now. Inspired by my love, I find I wish there were more expressive ways for me to tell him how I feel. So I guess I just wrote it! I'm actually very pleased with this piece! :) Here ya go!

There should be more words for love.

There should be more words for love.

I say love,
My love,
My dearest love,
Love you.
Scratched record
Dug deep in the groove.
Can't stop loving you.
Too short a word to encompass a heartful,
A heart full.
A heart felt.
What I...
For you.

 There should be more words for love.

The Inuit have 20 words for snow,
That which rules their world of frozen H2O.
Linguistic multiples
Warm their tongues,
And guard against the cold.
Yet love, conquering universe all,
One word.
Too small.
Maybe that's why we stutter,
Shut down our hearts
Before we can drown,
Because we haven't the syllables,
Haven't the sounds
To swim in molten waters.

 There should be more words for love.

I love you.
But incomplete,
Skimmed surface
Of unfathomed depths steep,
Of laughter,
And fear.
Of unbridled lust
Of tears,
Wept or weeping
For joy or bleeding
Old wounds unhealed.
That churning maelstrom
An internal Pollack,
And I can only drip...
One color
Across our canvas,
The full picture hidden from view,
So you'll never know
How much...
How much I...
Do you?

There should be more words for love.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

To my love, for Valentine's....

This piece was for the love of my life, for our 6 month anniversary and Valentine's Day. (Which happened to fall on the same day.) Enjoy and snuggle someone you love today. :D


Give me a quiet love,
Deep and still and clear,
Day by day steady on,
Every kiss sincere.

Give me a constant love,
Sans tempest and the strain.
Earthen elemental,
Sweet shelter from the rain.

Give me a trusting love,
No wasted jealousy.
Though I roam, he is my home.
My heart is his to keep.

Give me you, my love,
Blue eyes and laughing smile,
Strong arms to hold me 'gainst your chest,
But know to let me fly.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Whoa...long time no write!

Whoa, I haven't written in forever, life has had me in it's grasp and been keeping me running like a crazy person. But things are mostly good, just work has been wearing me out and drowning out my creative voice. But I finally had a quiet night to myself and a conversation with my love last night got me thinking. So below is a little short piece. Yay!

Third time’s a charm

One to show me I could love
Strong girl on constant guard
To erode
Jump long stalled out heart

Two to crack me wide open
To love, to fly, to fall
Crash and burn
Rise up again
Fierce without the walls

Three to love as woman grown
True partner in my arms
Daily vowed
And castled clouds
Third time is true love’s charm

Friday, November 18, 2011

Murder Ballad #2

Murder Ballad #2!
Enjoy. >:-)

I was dark and she was fair,
Spring child to my autumn.
Morning mists, long summer heat,
Nightly trysts between the sheets,
A time I've n'er forgotten.

Virgin hands on virgin curves,
Blushing touch of innocent.
Candlelight on supple skin,
Creamy white as porcelain,
Earthen angel heaven sent.

I loved you so I could not bear
To have you love another.
To spend your passion in strange arms,
I’ll kill all who'd pull us asunder.

Around the sun, deepened love,
Always one, the wish I penned.
But this dream was not allowed,
Duty teamed to daughter's plow,
Our time, like all, must meet its end.

Your father said you must wed,
My brother as your chosen.
Tragic fate, a woman's trial,
Yet elate, I saw you smile,
When your heart should have broken.

I loved you so I could not bear
To see you loved another.
To spend your passion in his arms,
I’ll kill him first, my only brother.

That bridal day came and went,
Vows sealed with a sanctioned kiss.
Without words, I knew you felt,
Though caged birds convention knelt,
Come to the night we'd run from this.

So in the black witching hour,
I whispered outside your door,
Fly with me, my darling fair.
Fly to freedom open air.
We'll find escape across the moor.

I loved you so I could not bear
To let you love another.
To spend your passion in his arms,
I’ll kill you first, then my brother.

I listened for gentle step,
Ready to run with clasped hands.
Then your cries filled my ears,
Lustful sighs, not pain filled tears,
As he conquered my sacred lands.

How could you, my dearest heart,
Give him what was only mine?
Was I just a passing fling,
Not true love, your everything?
Then death my wedding gift to thine.

I loved you so I could not bear
And since you love another.
Then spend your passion in his arms,
Wanton whore like any other.

I drew steel dagger, needle blade,
Softly slipped in darkened room.
Nude bodies at nature's play,
Crude, shoddy, animal way,
No notice of impending doom.

Down I stabbed into his back,
Down as blood came pouring forth.
Scream my dear! Your turn is next.
Scream in fear or heat of sex.
Your traitor's heart has earned my torch.

I loved you so I could not bear.
How could you love another?
Now feel his blood run down your arms,
For him this blade, you I'll smother.

Bluest eyes framed in spun gold,
Even now she thinks I'll spare.
Satin pillow in my grasp,
Let lungs fill in one last gasp,
Upon her face my weight I bear.

She fights but short, feeble blows
Cannot move this woman's wrath.
Side by side, one red, one white,
Lover's lied, in bed of blight,
From my lips triumphant laugh.

I loved you so I could not bear
You'll never love another.
His bleeding body in limp arms,
Lie in death, you and my brother.

As sun sets, so must it rise,
They found me in river's swirl.
Blood soaked clothes, and slitted wrists,
Heaven knows, I could not live,
Without my love, my darling girl.

So ends my tale of love's loss,
Her betrayal and my sin.
Doomed to walk these crumbling halls,
Ghostly stalks upon the walls,
Stigmata wounds are not forgiven.

I loved you so I could not bear
To have you with another.
Your passion only for my arms,
Till death do part my sweet lover.

Murder Ballad #1

It's been ages since I've posted. Been too busy with too many projects and way too much work. However, one of those projects involves me writing some murder ballads. So here is number one and I kind of like it! I hope you do too! :)

"Red Velvet"

I walk the halls by candlelight,
Red glow at war with dark.
Shadow demons dog my steps,
Velvet soft towards my mark.

Blackened tresses piled high,
Hairpins hold sharp and tight,
Passion fired chocolate eyes,
Creamy breast exposed to night.

Crimson fountain, her final breath,
She sought his love, he gave her death.

Knock thrice upon your door,
Deep voice then beckons enter.
Green eyes fever to appraise.
He thinks me fly to spider.

Ruby gems on snowy throat.
Bloodred lips to crush with yours,
Allow strong hands to freely roam,
As I slyly lock the doors.

Crimson fountain, her final breath,
She sought his love, he gave her death.

His kind is no mystery,
Dancing closer, inches from edge.
Playing with mortality,
But this night brings his true end.

His dagger light against my skin,
Sharp steel through lace by lace.
As velvet dress falls away,
I step back to see his face.

Crimson fountain, her final breath,
She sought his love, he gave her death.

High on lust, animal gaze,
Craving pleasure in my pain.
I hold my hand to ask for knife,
Dare him to change the game.

So deep in heat, he complies,
I favor with lover's kiss.
Press him back onto the bed.
Rouge skirts spread over him.

Twin emeralds watch every move
As I trace his heart in steel.
Alight with life, hunger peaked,
Begging for pleasure meal.

Crimson fountain, her final breath,
She sought his love, he gave her death.

But pleasure is not this angel's gift,
As metal through flesh I plunge.
Quick gasp of pain and flood of blood,
Dark red the river runs.

Too stunned to fight, eyes' fire dies,
And I have my revenge.
Nevermore will he play to kill,
And sister's life avenged.

Crimson fountain, her final breath,
She sought his love, he gave her death.

Blood soaked dress stiffening,
I stalk halls as nightime wanes.
Tis no matter anyhow,
Red velvet hides the stains.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Sans words...

Sticking with the poetry again this time. I have a song tickling at my brain but it's not ready to show itself yet. In messing about with those lyrics though, some throwaway phrases that didn't fit the song came up. I loved the phrases and wanted to fit them into the song but no amount of smashing worked and rewriting them destroyed the music the words had all of their own. So a short poem it was and it's not bad at that. It may need another stanza at some point but it's finished for now. :) So much joy in my life right now. So funny to think 5 months ago I thought I'd never smile for real again. Now I can't stop! It can all change in an instance. But this piece is about reading actions over flowery words. Enjoy!


Ocean blue meets earthen brown
And worlds must fall away.
Eye to eye electric bound,
Lone two on separate plane.

Breathe synchrony, in chaste embrace,
Arms locked with head on chest.
Beating hearts in tandem race,
Sweet tension held in check.

Hand in hand is palmers' kiss,
Long walks and steps of dance,
Secret language in silence,
Mute poetry of romance.