Friday, April 27, 2012


Song lyrics today.  Not about anyone or anything in my reality but I came up with the phrase "Do I see..." and had to see where that phrase led.  Not sure it is workable into an actual song with music but I sort of love the idea inside the piece.   It could definitely use some refining if melody were applied.  Until then, enjoy!  


I've been up all night,
The radio blasting,
As I drive in desperate flight,
And the pain of a dawn,
Now that you're gone,
And Adele is coming on.

Do I see my own reflection in the mirror of her words?
Is that my heart she echos in the melody I heard?
How can these notes and lyrics speak the sorrow that I feel?
Play that song one more time.
Let the music dry my tears.

Another sleepless night,
There's a fire burning.
Tiger, tiger, oh so bright,
Like your eyes too hard.
So I place my wards
With the print of the Bard.

Do I see my own reflection in the mirror of his words?
Is that my heart he echoes in the rhythm of his verse?
Why do these rhymes and meter
Give me shelter in the storm?
Read it back one more time.
Let the poets keep me warm.

One more endless night,
Nothing to distract,
Just waiting for the light.
A rising sun,
As I count your sums,
And find they equal none.

Do I see my own reflection in the mirror of your words?
Is that my heart you echo in the ways you chose to hurt?
Why do I let your killing voice
Reside inside my head?
Say it to me one more time,
Until I can strike it dead.

And I've never lost a bit of sleep,
And I've never had one tear weep,
Since I climbed out of the deep
Pit you put me in.

And though I once let you attack,
And my city then you may have sacked,
I'll never ever let you back
To plunder me again.

I'm standing strong and...

I'm my own reflection in a mirror built of words.
No more echoes, my soul sings the rhythm, rhyme, and verse.
No more hiding in the pages
Of a stranger's stories.
I write on in inky line;
My pen flowing showing me.

Monday, April 23, 2012

An idea that I've been rolling around in my mind for a while now. Inspired by my love, I find I wish there were more expressive ways for me to tell him how I feel. So I guess I just wrote it! I'm actually very pleased with this piece! :) Here ya go!

There should be more words for love.

There should be more words for love.

I say love,
My love,
My dearest love,
Love you.
Scratched record
Dug deep in the groove.
Can't stop loving you.
Too short a word to encompass a heartful,
A heart full.
A heart felt.
What I...
For you.

 There should be more words for love.

The Inuit have 20 words for snow,
That which rules their world of frozen H2O.
Linguistic multiples
Warm their tongues,
And guard against the cold.
Yet love, conquering universe all,
One word.
Too small.
Maybe that's why we stutter,
Shut down our hearts
Before we can drown,
Because we haven't the syllables,
Haven't the sounds
To swim in molten waters.

 There should be more words for love.

I love you.
But incomplete,
Skimmed surface
Of unfathomed depths steep,
Of laughter,
And fear.
Of unbridled lust
Of tears,
Wept or weeping
For joy or bleeding
Old wounds unhealed.
That churning maelstrom
An internal Pollack,
And I can only drip...
One color
Across our canvas,
The full picture hidden from view,
So you'll never know
How much...
How much I...
Do you?

There should be more words for love.