Friday, November 18, 2011

Murder Ballad #2

Murder Ballad #2!
Enjoy. >:-)

I was dark and she was fair,
Spring child to my autumn.
Morning mists, long summer heat,
Nightly trysts between the sheets,
A time I've n'er forgotten.

Virgin hands on virgin curves,
Blushing touch of innocent.
Candlelight on supple skin,
Creamy white as porcelain,
Earthen angel heaven sent.

I loved you so I could not bear
To have you love another.
To spend your passion in strange arms,
I’ll kill all who'd pull us asunder.

Around the sun, deepened love,
Always one, the wish I penned.
But this dream was not allowed,
Duty teamed to daughter's plow,
Our time, like all, must meet its end.

Your father said you must wed,
My brother as your chosen.
Tragic fate, a woman's trial,
Yet elate, I saw you smile,
When your heart should have broken.

I loved you so I could not bear
To see you loved another.
To spend your passion in his arms,
I’ll kill him first, my only brother.

That bridal day came and went,
Vows sealed with a sanctioned kiss.
Without words, I knew you felt,
Though caged birds convention knelt,
Come to the night we'd run from this.

So in the black witching hour,
I whispered outside your door,
Fly with me, my darling fair.
Fly to freedom open air.
We'll find escape across the moor.

I loved you so I could not bear
To let you love another.
To spend your passion in his arms,
I’ll kill you first, then my brother.

I listened for gentle step,
Ready to run with clasped hands.
Then your cries filled my ears,
Lustful sighs, not pain filled tears,
As he conquered my sacred lands.

How could you, my dearest heart,
Give him what was only mine?
Was I just a passing fling,
Not true love, your everything?
Then death my wedding gift to thine.

I loved you so I could not bear
And since you love another.
Then spend your passion in his arms,
Wanton whore like any other.

I drew steel dagger, needle blade,
Softly slipped in darkened room.
Nude bodies at nature's play,
Crude, shoddy, animal way,
No notice of impending doom.

Down I stabbed into his back,
Down as blood came pouring forth.
Scream my dear! Your turn is next.
Scream in fear or heat of sex.
Your traitor's heart has earned my torch.

I loved you so I could not bear.
How could you love another?
Now feel his blood run down your arms,
For him this blade, you I'll smother.

Bluest eyes framed in spun gold,
Even now she thinks I'll spare.
Satin pillow in my grasp,
Let lungs fill in one last gasp,
Upon her face my weight I bear.

She fights but short, feeble blows
Cannot move this woman's wrath.
Side by side, one red, one white,
Lover's lied, in bed of blight,
From my lips triumphant laugh.

I loved you so I could not bear
You'll never love another.
His bleeding body in limp arms,
Lie in death, you and my brother.

As sun sets, so must it rise,
They found me in river's swirl.
Blood soaked clothes, and slitted wrists,
Heaven knows, I could not live,
Without my love, my darling girl.

So ends my tale of love's loss,
Her betrayal and my sin.
Doomed to walk these crumbling halls,
Ghostly stalks upon the walls,
Stigmata wounds are not forgiven.

I loved you so I could not bear
To have you with another.
Your passion only for my arms,
Till death do part my sweet lover.

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