Saturday, September 24, 2011

Sans words...

Sticking with the poetry again this time. I have a song tickling at my brain but it's not ready to show itself yet. In messing about with those lyrics though, some throwaway phrases that didn't fit the song came up. I loved the phrases and wanted to fit them into the song but no amount of smashing worked and rewriting them destroyed the music the words had all of their own. So a short poem it was and it's not bad at that. It may need another stanza at some point but it's finished for now. :) So much joy in my life right now. So funny to think 5 months ago I thought I'd never smile for real again. Now I can't stop! It can all change in an instance. But this piece is about reading actions over flowery words. Enjoy!


Ocean blue meets earthen brown
And worlds must fall away.
Eye to eye electric bound,
Lone two on separate plane.

Breathe synchrony, in chaste embrace,
Arms locked with head on chest.
Beating hearts in tandem race,
Sweet tension held in check.

Hand in hand is palmers' kiss,
Long walks and steps of dance,
Secret language in silence,
Mute poetry of romance.

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