Saturday, September 3, 2011


Song lyrics again! It's fun to start writing about stories instead of just personal stuff. It allows me to grow and look from different points of view. In a much happier place these days and I think that means I can be a poet, not just a sad hurting girl. :) Ok, this piece. There are so many moments that I have that I wish I could just stop time and live in that one point in time forever and ever and ever. And i love to revisit those memories and live in that moment again. So that is the idea, moments: good, bad, and life changing. Because nothing is certain and nothing is forever. Life goes on, joy, pain, sorrow, happiness, laughter, etc. :)

"Freeze the Frame"
Dawn breaks and,
I wake then,
Reach my hand
For you lying next to me.

You open
Eyes hoping.
I float in
The smile spreading cross your face.

Arms hold me,
Enfold me,
As golden sun creeps into our room.

Freeze the frame.
Perfect picture,
Never again.
How happy we were

Long walks to
Deep talks you
Outfoxed the guards I had around my heart.

On one knee,
You won me,
To love me til death should ever do us part.

We thought we'd
Had caught, tree'd,
Our lot be to live forever and a day.

Freeze the frame.
Perfect picture,
Never again.
How happy we were

Wet nights, flashing lights,
One phone call to change my life.
No chance, no last dance,
Bad luck and circumstance.
No signs, out of time,
No reason and no rhyme.
Can't breathe, you and me
should've had eternity.

Freeze the frame.

You left me in the rain,

As I screamed out your Name.

Never again.

Her eyes clear,
Your eyes dear,
Dry my tears as your smile peeks out from her face.

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