Tuesday, August 23, 2011


I can take no credit for this piece. It wrote itself. A beautiful flow. Inspired by some lovely piano music. But I guess I'm running with themes of rebirth these days. Not much else to say about it. Just happy with it. :D


Spin me round the room,
Arms strong and you,
Smiling in my eyes.

Never let me fall.
Body heeds the call,
Melding she to you.

But as the music twists and turns,
Moving past the steps we learned,
Will we falter? Will we improvise?

Winding circles in the night,
Pretending there is no daylight.
When midnight chimes who is at my side?

Feet above the floor,
Te amo mi amor.
Moments last a day.

Only you and me,
Song has set us free.
They'll never catch us now.

But dawn it comes without reprieve,
And songs will stop eventually.
You'll kiss my lips and slowly walk away.

And I'll be left in tattered dress,
Crumpled rose in all the mess.
The dance was fire and so I burned to ash.

(music break?)

Left alone in crowded ball,
I turn and run down empty halls,
Losing shoes, tumbling at his feet.

Gently take my hand.
Remind me I can stand.
Spin me round the room.

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