Tuesday, June 21, 2011

A Father's Day poem

So this is a bit belated but is has been a weird couple of weeks. It's like 4am and I've had quite the night of writing. One piece finished, two more in progress, and one started! So much has happened and I haven't had time to write till now. :) But Father's Day weekend is always particularly difficult for me. I have two fathers, my biological father who I have a very rocky relationship with and my step dad, who i love so dearly. I do feel so lucky to have been given a second chance at having a father who is there for me always. I feel like i got to choose him as my father and he chose me as his daughter and that is the basis of the piece. Lots of structure here and uncomplicated wording. Just simple and true, just like him. So without any more ado, here is "Choice" (Update: Made some minor changes to the piece that I've noticed on rereading it a few times!)

I was child lost and angry.
You stepped into the hole,
Offered love where none had been
To fill an empty role.

Unconditional acceptance,
Pride in all I did,
Steady shoulder to cry on,
Protection when I hid.

Day by day, never absent,
Promises fulfilled.
In the crowd, when I shine,
Your smile is my thrill.

Phone calls just to check in,
Such care in your voice.
You are everything paternal,
The father of my choice.

You did not have to love me
My veins hold not your blood.
I was not your chore,
Yet you dared the flood.

I am not your nature
But your nurture I display,
And you forever change me
For the better every day.

I could not ask for more,
So our flag I proudly hoist.
Luckiest on earth,
I’m the child of your choice.

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