Thursday, April 21, 2011

Once upon a time...

Once upon a time I was totally in love. That got smashed to bits, but before the wrecking ball, I wrote the piece below. I need to send it out to the universe to get it away from me. Keeping it secret is like holding a futile hope in your heart, you have to cut it out or it will haunt you. But just so it's not all doom and gloom up on this blog, here is a piece from happier times. Love seems to be a fertile emotional writing ground, both jumping off the cliff and hitting the rocks below. :)

Paths of Electricity

I rummage among my brains
Spring cleaning memories from knowledge.
Facts to the front, emotions centered,
Sensory experiences stack temporally.
And though most go gently into their place,
Bits of you are strewn about
Refusing containment.
Your smiles hang upon my walls in grand canvases,
Graffiti laughter splashed across grey matter.
Aural drums pound out your voice
Triumphant song from whispered phrase
“I love you”.
Shivering remembrances of
Your hands on mine,
Your hand in mine,
Flit ghostly through
Softly as Seattle rain but wear deep grooves,
Tuning muscles to thoughts till one cannot be done
In isolation.
I find your footsteps on my neurons
Treading paths of electricity.

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