Saturday, April 23, 2011

Stopping the crying... With rhyme

Another late night full of tears but this time I just started writing and that stopped the downward spiral. Lots of stricter to the piece and I think concentrating on that allowed me to calm and recenter. Wrote a couple last night but only posting one now. Hardest thing in the world is to have loved your partner and to realize that at best their love was passing.

How Long?

How long to mend a broken heart?
How many tears must fall?
When will I forget your touch,
Stop waiting for your call?

How many nights must come and go?
What sum of days must pass?
Until my heart rebuilds itself
And you are but the last.

Hour by hour soldier on,
Bleed but battle through.
Pride as cauterizing knife,
Time scars over wounds.

You are but a moment,
Short chapter in my book.
Though I loved true, you did not,
And back I'll never look.

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