Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Solace from the past

A poem from long ago. I don't know why I wrote it then, but it brings me comfort in my situation. The wordiness belies my youth, clearly never revised, but the message stays strong.


Life is not that bad.
The sun still rose,
Rays through the smudged window,
Squinting bleary eyes,
Shielding puffy face from that penetrating glare.
How dare he be so sunny.
Shouldn't the world cry too..

Life is not that hard.
The wind still blows,
Briskly throwing hair in face,
Tangling, mangling half an hour's work,
In just three seconds.
How dare she be so breezy.
Shouldn't the world be still and dank..

Life is not that that cruel.
Trees standing proud,
Glistening green in the morning dew.
Flowers lending sweet fragrances
To the morning trills of early birds.
How dare they be so alive.
Shouldn't the world have died..

Without you..

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