Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Late night emotional purge

I wrote this last night. Couldn't sleep though exhausted, mind whirling between heartbreak and anger. I had to get it out, purge the poison. The result is "2 AM". It is still pretty raw and needs work, but i'm unclear as to whether I will clean it up or leave it as a memento to these days.

2 AM

2am insomnia,
Here on the couch
Curled under blankets
Defending shattered heart.
The bed looms too large,
A queen with no king.
My head full of reasons
Of better offs and if onlys.
My heart full of
Comebacks and
Come backs...


Pain leadens,
Dead gravity
Pushing all but
Eyelids soaked in tears,
Eyelids wide with fears

The crazed pieces
Of still warm heart
Beat in dissonance,
Longing for
Touch induced harmony.
A puzzle for the ages.
Does anyone remember
How the pieces fit?

R u awake (e)X?
Do u sleep sound?
Dreamless sleep of
Do u toss, reaching
Across the space
Seeking warmth?
My hand, my body
Naked, open to your arms.
Do u lie staring,
Counting ceiling tiles
Mine eyes fixed in
mind's eye?

No second chance.
Twice shy and well bitten
Screams for once more!
2am duality,
Awake and alone.

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  1. There's no reason not to share your writing with Facebook or anyone! This is beautiful, heartbreaking. I can't write poetry to save my life, except maybe a silly Haiku. I consequently have trouble appreciating poetry, but this is lyrical and you can feel your emotion. I'm sorry that it took pain such as this to come up with such a beautiful piece.