Friday, April 22, 2011


I love working within structure when it comes to poetry. Free form is lovely and often expressive but the challenge of meter and rhyme forces creativity in the word choice and phrasing. So often I will do pieces with strict structure, though the meter is a bit off here. This following piece is still expressing my current state of heartbroken confusion, but I think it is the calmer end. A lighter rethinking of questions one should ask before falling in love...if you can even ask questions before. Again, rough and probably needs some work.

Will you?

Will you love me as I love you,
Or will you break my heart in two?

Will love last through all the days,
Or like the sunset slowly fade?

Will we put the other first,
Or be attention starved and thirst?

Can I trust your hand in mine,
Or be left come intemperate clime?

Does your gaze show me your soul,
Or changing masque, a gambler's roll?

Will you love me as I love you?
Time alone can answer true.

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