Sunday, May 8, 2011


Flew off to see my whole extended family this weekend which meant lots of plane time and lots of time to think and write. Wrote two pieces but one needs a bit more revision before I post though I am very pleased with my As for this piece it is again a structured piece but has some lines that just make my mouth happy to say them. Had a bit of what I think is going to be closure last week and I'm hoping all that is left is for time to pass. That said, this piece is about finding bits of happiness creeping into what seemed a bleak and depressing world. Funny how that works, you think you'll never stop crying but then someone makes you laugh, or you find yourself singing along to the radio. Whatever your baseline capacity for happiness is, it seems your body and mind will always steer you back there. And now "Aftermath".


Eyes that wept
Washed crystal clear.
Dark chocolate intensity
Burns away tears.

Shoulders long heavy
By Heart's gravity increased,
Thrown open to pride,
Confidence their new lease.

Smiles empty of joy,
Mockeries of mirth,
Find spontaneous spark,
A happy rebirth.

Faltering strides,
Steps leadened with pain,
Surprised into dance.
Bright sun follows rain.

Sorrow muted voice
Unable to sing,
Bursts forth as lipped flood,
Unconscious warbling.

Heart well convinced
Of wound impossible deep,
Sees daily regrowth,
Steel tempered but sweet.

Body without breath,
Gasping at straws,
Breaks through to the surface,
Launched skyward at dawn.

Naught is forever.
Rough wears to smooth.
Survive by endurance.
You've mountains to move.


  1. I have a little spot at the right side of my blog for the links of my writer friends' blogs. Is it alright if I put you there too? Your poetry is so good it should be shared. :)