Friday, May 13, 2011

The Lovers' Prayer

The following is the piece I wrote for my grandparents' 60th wedding anniversary. They are truly amazing people and just as devoted to each other now as they were when they got married. True love is incredibly breathtaking. So this piece has a few lines that are specific to them but I think I could easily generalize it without too much trouble. :) I was asked to read it in front of the whole family and friends crew at the anniversary party. I was shaking like a leaf because this whole sharing my writing with other people is new to me and somewhat terrifying but I was told my voice was steady enough. :) Anyways, they loved it and that is all that matters. :) (of course they are properly biased in my favor!) Without further ado...

The Lovers' Prayer

As I lay me down to sleep,
I pray the lord my love to keep.
Let it shine from soul to eyes,
Forever honest, never lied.

Grow it strong in times of trial.
Fade not with the time or miles.
Unshaken come rich or poor.
Increase with children numbered four.

Keep us kind when we must scream.
Bring joy beyond wildest dreams.
Let there be a hand in mine,
Forever partner by my side.

I promise to have and hold
Lovers young through growing old.
Births and deaths, in health and ill,
With you, my love, my life is filled.

Please forgive flaws, humor quirks.
Let "us" be our greatest work.
I could never seek to roam,
For where you are is always home.

I will not ask for more of life
Than only husband to only wife.
Let love stay true, no doubt or fear,
Standing strong past sixty years.


  1. Mom and Gran did. Everyone seemed to like it which made me feel warm an fuzzy inside! :)