Wednesday, May 25, 2011

It's all about the wordplay...

Looking around and finding happiness in the small things. Trying to get everything my head knows down to my heart and slowly getting a lighter load. Things still hit me at the times of stress and exhaustion but they are fewer. Got a lovely tattoo this past weekend and let the sting and the pain be physical incarnations of emotional hurt. And now it becomes something beautiful and strong, a permanent reminder that I can survive and find strength and grace despite it all. Ok, enough rambling, off to poetry! The following piece was started a few weeks ago, but I didn't finish it until a couple of days ago. I think the emotion of the piece might have gotten a little lost in the wordplay but that made it fun for me and took my mind from a dark spiral to a playful place. So many cliches have been said to me lately that what came out when I wrote this was cliche city! So, perhaps not lyrical gold, but fun wordplay though dark fun to be sure. Can you catch all the sayings?

Internal Letters

Dear Heart,

Head here.
He's just not;
not the guy,
not of dreams,
not that in.
To you, I know,
it's hard to breath.
Drawn pictures; tears
for torn apart
Broken pie crusts
pain milking emotions.
Don't cry. Over
time we're better.
Off we'll ride,
no sunset horizon,
but through the darkest.
Just blink before.
fresh dawn.


Dear Head,

Heart here.
I know. You're right.
But as leaves must,
I had to fall.
On deaf ears 
your rationale
could not turn.
A blind eye is love,
sees beauty in only
a touch of skin. Deep
kisses should
tell truth, instead
singing lies.
In the rain tears
are invisible.
Yes, Head, I know.
Hide pain. Seek
strength. In
numbering days 
will wounds heal.
It's just all time,
'till the message
comes through.


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