Tuesday, July 26, 2011


So a couple of weeks ago, I got attacked by a large man on my way home from the BART station. He went for my phone, which was in my hand, and my bag on my shoulder. We fought in what was the scariest two minutes of my life. He managed to rip my phone from my hand but I held onto my bag and fought long enough that a passing cop heard my screaming and flipped on his lights to come check it out. The attacker then ran off and jumped into his buddy's waiting car and took off. I came out with only bruises and scrapes and my bag, though my phone was long gone. I was very lucky he didn't have a weapon and that that cop came by. It was the most alone I have ever felt in my life. But people who attack other people are no longer people in my eyes but predators, and he thought of me as prey, not a person with friends and family. So, in that two minutes, it was war and I felt like i was fighting for my life. All these emotions led to me telling my story as the following piece: Predator. This one should be read aloud for sure.

Dark predator lie in wait
Perusing potential prey,
Eyeing groups, gauging strength,
Look for loners, solo souls.
No one to hear them scream.
Evil smile with gold grillz gleam.

Watch her walk. She'll never guess
The target on her back.
Pick the moment for approach
Then leap to the attack.

Eyes wide, stunned as bad dream
Becomes hideous reality.
For a second it seems 
She'll go quiet into that good night,
But with feral cry,
The she-cat erupts wild;
Claws and teeth and feet and fight!
Tiger fire burning bright.

Knock her down, bruise and scrape,
She won't quit, her life at stake.
Then sirens' blare and flashing lights
Sends monster fleeing out of sight. 

She fought long enough,
Not to lose if she could not win.
Call it a draw. He'll hunt again,
Inhuman predator, a bogeyman.

But prey will also have her way;
She, her own heroine, saving her day. 

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